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Posted by swapnilsaurav on October 1, 2008

Running long distances has become my new passion. When I started running, almost 1.5 years back, I searched internet and talked to friends to get information about running. This blog is result of that.

Before we proceed let’s ask a basic question, why should one run? There are numerous answers to this. It has been proved that Running is the best cardio-vascular fitness excercise. Running can burn significant calories compare to other fitness programmes. Running helps to keep your heart in good condition thus prevent various diseases like Hyper-tension, obesity etc.  Running has also proved to reduce stress. This is least expensive sports, can be taken up at any time of the day, anywhere, even if you are travelling, in any weather condition, flexible method of training- you can run at your own pace. I can go on and on describing the advantages.

I have written this blog to keep all the Marathon related information at one place. Please send in your comments and views. I can also be contacted at- ss01@in.com





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